Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Greetings left bloggers/blogreaders/those with nothing better to do with there time!!!

So to kick off very quickly, take a peek at this.


It's the Party Political Broadcast of The Left List and in so many ways, is far superior to the other loads of rubbish that are vomited out of our television screens around election time.

Seen the Green Party one? Needn't bother to be honest. A broadcast which doesn't feature the mayoral candidate is effective isn't it? Not only that, it features but one human being - the rest being a cartoon. I am well aware that most of the time, the Green Party get most political questions wrong (UN troops in the middle east, right-wing policies on child benefit, more police etc) but I thought that even they would recognize the fact that children cannot vote.

And the Lib Dems. Even better for entertainment value. Featuring former top cop Brian Paddick (for it is he) strutting around some part of London saying '000h, isn't it awful, this youth crime business'. Extolling the virtues of putting more and more police on the streets (presumably to shoot more innocent Brazilians), I half expected him to launch into a rant which would outline his law and order policy for the next four years. 'So what we need is more police. So they can hunt down members of the public who look suspicious. The ones with dodgy hair-cuts and the like. And if we find so much as a nail file on them, we'll bring them to book. No, we'll gouge their eyes out. No, we'll string them up from a lamp-post. Then we'll throw them in a vat of boiling oil. That'll learn 'em'

So it would appear, no-one messes with former top cop, Brian Paddick.

On a more serious note though. The Left List is mounting a serious challenge to New Labour in the forthcoming elections for Mayor of London and the GLA. It is necessary for a radical political alternative to the rightward march of new Labour and the other establishment parties. Left List is a vitally important step towards the creation of a new radical working-class voice that will speak for millions who, through the betrayals of New Labour, have lost their political representation. Within the organised working class itself, a break with Labourism cannot be far away. The GMB, a long-time staunch supporter of the Labour party, is threatening to withdraw it's funding. TSSA came very close to strike action for the first time in their history. The first national teachers strike for 21 years takes place in a couple of days time alongside the PCS and UCU (FE). It is these workers and communities seeking that alternative and in the process, are having to seriously question ties with Labour.

We don't want BoJo in though. A Tory Mayor such as the racist, homophobe of Johnson would be a disaster for the capital. So make Lindsey German your first preference and stick Ken as your second preference in the mayoral election.